Ben Gordon

I got my start in software development through manufacturing. I previously worked for the University of Arizona MWC and Gordon Machine Works, where I developed Python software that automates manufacturing and testing processes for extreme precision scientific equipment.

In my most recent position, I worked with Sourcegraph as an Application Engineer. I worked directly with our customers by providing guidance on deploying and maintaining our distributed code intelligence platform through Kubernetes.

In my personal time, I primarily enjoy building full-stack applications with a preference for backend development. I also enjoy exploring emerging technology: most recently I've been learning Rust, Web Assembly, and WebGL. I'm currently using these technologies to process, transform, and render 3D geometries inside web browsers.

When I am not writing software, you can find me cooking Sichuanese food, attending board game conventions, or making premium kitchen knives at my forge.

I'm currently available for new opportunities in Software Engineering where I can flex my development skills while working on real-world problems. I'd particularly enjoy working in a Full-Stack or Back-End role. If that sounds like your team, then please reach out to me through LinkedIn